Volunteers of Hope

The Volunteers of Hope program is an opportunity for individuals or couples from overseas to give one to three  months of their time in service to the children at Villa of Hope.

There are a number of ways that volunteers can help, with activities falling into two basic categories: working with children and working around the property.

Working with Children:

The reason we exist is to help children who are vulnerable, as a result of many different life circumstances, to receive the love and care that they need to become all that God wants them to be. If you are passionate about working directly with the children, there are many ways to help, including doing Bible lessons, helping with homework, reading to children, arranging games or crafts, etc.

Working Around the Property:

We are blessed to have a large property with 25 houses on it, but this results in a great deal of work to maintain the place well. For those who are more the “handy” type, there are always things to help with around the property, like general maintenance/odd jobs at the houses, lawn maintenance/gardening, and small scale farming.

Volunteer Requirements:

One of the houses has been prepared for the Volunteers of Hope program, so we are able to provide housing for short-term volunteers. All other expenses, including air travel and personal living expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer.

The required application form and reference form (below) must be submitted by e-mail to villaofhope@mweb.co.za and be approved by the Director. All volunteers are expected to model a lifestyle that is consistent with biblical principles and to submit to the authority of the leadership of Villa of Hope.

Volunteers of Hope Application Form

Volunteers of Hope Reference Form

For more information on how you can become a Volunteer of Hope, please contact us at villaofhope@mweb.co.za.