How you can help in 2014

Last year was an exciting year with lots of accomplishments! To learn more about some of the excitement in 2013 and see how you can help us to continue to grow in 2014, please read more…




January 2014

Let us join hands to change the future of our children – We need your help!

The Villa of Hope as a social upliftment and development initiative has as its focal area the provision of superior care to those children who have been orphaned or require alternative care due to abuse, neglect, abandonment and children that are affected or infected by HIV and AIDS or other ill circumstances.

We are presently providing shelter for children between the ages of 1 and 18 years of age. These children were placed by organizations such as Child line, CPU, SAP and Child welfare Dept.


We aim to reduce child abuse and neglect within our surrounding communities by promoting family values.


To provide superior care to children who have been orphaned or require alternative care due to abuse, neglect, abandonment and children that have been affected or infected by HIV & AIDS or other ill circumstances, thuscreating a loving and attentive environment that will allow children to develop as well balanced and wholesome individuals, who are capable of a worthy contribution to society. Our primary objective is to take care of children, from birth to18 years of age: Spiritually: -Physically: -Emotionally: -Psychologically: -Financially:


Short to medium term plan

Since there is a dire need for children to be taken care of in Gauteng, the Dept of Social Services has recommended that we get all our houses repaired and habitable to accommodate a minimum of 72 children for 2014. The property requires maintenance and is currently semi-functional; five homes are presently providing shelter for 30 children between the ages of 1 and 18 years of age. An additional 5 homes are being used as offices, edu-care, learning centre, library and social services office. Vacant sections of the property have been earmarked for the development and construction of recreational facilities,a hall needs to be built on the premises, where we can assemble up to 500 people at any given time for folks from the community to gather for seminars to create awareness and address the different ills in our society. It is our aim to establish community gardens and crop production -Expertise are required to assist with hydroponics farming and veggie gardens; sponsors for these are required.

Our focus this year is to implement additional programmes to empower our children viz. education & skills development, therapeutic, health and sport & recreation.

Our property also boasts an Olympic size swimming pool that is in need of repair.

The intention is to have individuals and companies repair the houses and brand them. It is also our intention is to have the homes furnished by individuals and companies as well as perhaps maintain them.


Volunteer Work –

  • Tutoring our school children  with Maths, Maths Literacy & Accountancy etc
  • Assisting with projects & assignments
  • Life skill programmes viz. etiquette, career guidance, peer group programmes etc
  • Recreational activities Coordinator – soccer, basketball, fishing trips, etc
  • Our children need assistance to develop their interests ie dance, chess, etc
  • Cleaning the grounds, painting the houses & fences, odd jobs

Donations & Sponsorships – (Any and Everything…..Every little bit helps)

  • Referrals – (Tell your friends, colleagues & family about us)
  • Fund Raising Project/s – (Please contact Mrs. Wentworth on 084 319 4489)
  • Holiday Parents – (You’re invited to a screening processes to enjoy a child over the school holiday  period or just for a week end in your own home)

Support a Child –

  • School and other clothing
  • School stationery
  • Excursions
  • Purchase goods to develop the child’s interests
  • Food, fruit & dairy products
  • Toiletries
  • Children’s hair cuts


We are 100% BBBEE organisation –

We have set ourselves monthly milestones to accomplish, kindly contact us and visit periodically to bear witness to our progress, as we cannot do anything without your assistance.

Thanks in advance for your generous assistance; together we could make a difference in our society!

Mrs. Zorina Wentworth

084 319 4489